How to Pick Healthy Kids’ Snacks (Video)

The other day I talked all about how I find healthy kids’ snacks that I don’t have to make myself.  This is key for making good choices, especially when I’m too busy to stop and think.

In this video, I share a little bit more about my process for assessing foods for healthfulness and picking better packaged options. I hope that in addition to showing you some of my favorite choices this will help you to find great choices for your family as well.

The examples I go through include:

  • The difference in various types of dried fruit (and how to pick the best one)
  • Crackers that taste good and are a “better” choice than what you might be feeding your family now
  • Finding out which squeeze pack has the least processed ingredients



Let me know if you have any questions after watching it! I’d love to hear your favorite healthy snacks as well.


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