How to Get your Family to Eat More Greens

Choose the Right Greens

You’ve probably always known that you needed to eat more greens. After all your mom has been pushing the broccoli for ages.

Then kale literally exploded – when I worked for Whole Foods Market we touted that sales of kale had increased 1000% in the course of 1 year. Somehow, this explosion convinced everyone that kale was the be all and end all of greens. So much so that many friends and clients started saying “I can’t eat more greens. I hate kale.”

And so while I’m ever grateful for the increased popularity of kale and it’s associated nutrition, I’m bummed that we’ve started to ignore all of the other great greens options that are out there.

Lots of Different Greens Choices

Enter my handy-dandy chart on greens and how to use them. First and foremost, please note that none of this is a statement on what greens are best because in my mind they’re simply different.


For me, it comes down to this simple question: ARE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY EATING GREENS REGULARLY? Yes? You’re doing great! No? Here are some ideas to try?

Got it? Good. Let’s go:

Eat More Greens Chart

You’ll notice that the greens above are organized in order from mild to strong. I recommend starting with the mild ones (raw or cooked), then as you get more brave moving toward strong, cooked greens. Eventually, you can then start incorporating more raw, strong greens.

Try Different Greens

The main reason for trying different greens? The variety of colors and flavors also signifies a variety of nutrition.

While all greens have a similar nutritional profile in that they’re rich in antioxidants and fiber, they also have unique nutritional highlights. For example:

  • Spinach has more iron than other greens
  • Kale is a great source of calcium

Why the difference? These unique characteristics can be attributed to the differences in the plants, which you can see through:

  • Color / shade of green
  • Flavor – bitterness, saltiness, sweetness

Eat More Greens with these Great Greens Recipes

Ready to get your family eating more greens? Me too!

Eat More Greens Smoothie

Here are some great family-friendly recipe ideas to try:

What green are you going to try next?


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